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Pinewood Derby

2011 Pinewood Derby Cars - Our final year! Derek graduates to the Boy Scout Troop this year.

Really went for it this year so naturally we finished out of the trophies accross the board - Must have been bad Karma!


Ever since my youth as a Cub scout, the Pinewood Derby has always been one of my favorite activities. Now as a leader in my son's Cub Scout Pack I again have the opportunity to play with those pineblock car kits and to pass on the joy of being creative with wood and tools! Our Pack allows Parents and Siblings to join in the fun and construct (and race) their own cars in addition to the Cub Scout's pinewood racer. Now more interested in style and creativity than speed, below is a photo history of the Spencer family pinewood derby cars. Want some tips on building Pinewood derby cars? Click this link for the extent of my accumulated pinewood car building knowledge in .pdf!  B^)




Jordan's 2011- 2nd Place Siblings entry (again) - the IPhone racer                   Derek's 2011 - the spoiler ended up being just that!


Dad's 2011 last hurrah in Parent / Leader race attempt at "everything he knows about Pinewood Cars"..... No Style points, just fast? Ended up popping a wheelie, crashing into the finish gate. Note to self, COG too far back - oops.


2010 Pinewood Derby Cars


Dad's 2010 entry "TowMater" - winner Pack 273 Parent / Leader class


Derek's 2010 Hummer - Winner Best Design               Jordan's Surfer truck - 2nd Place Sibling's race 2010

2009 Pinewood Derby Cars


Dad's 2009 pinewood car project "Herbie"                                               Jordan's Spongebob 2009!

Derek's 2009 "Xtreme Hot Rod Car" - Winner Best Design - Bear rank, also placed 10th at Crow River District Race.

2008 Pinewood Derby Cars

Dad's '70 Mustang Convertible created for the Pinewood Derby 2008 - attempt to scale build "Elmira"

2008 Pinewood Derby: Jordan's "Blue Lizard" and Derek's "Silver Flame"

2007 Pinewood Derby Cars

Jordan's "JSFD Firetruck", Dad's Tony Stewart NASCAR Monte Carlo, Derek's "Batmobile" - 2007 scout year.


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