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Fun Family Projects

Special Family projects archives -

Snowboard skateboard rack - January 2012. We needed a rack to organize the skateboards and snowboards on the garage. We used an old roll bar from a '72 Chevy pickup, a few large dowels, some recycled wall studs, old foam floaties, pipe insulation and leftover paint. Viola! Completed 1/15/12

Jordans Trophy - Summer 2011 - designed to hold a 10 belts from white to black with painted wooden spacers for belts yet to be earned. Custom design by Jordan and dad the body is made of 4" acrylic tube (belts are full length, tightly rolled around a 3/8" pvc sleeve to allow for the threaded center rod). base and cap is Walnut scrap from Pete's cabinet shop. The topper and engraved plate from the trophy shop in Hopkins, MN. Jordan routed all the edge details in the walnut componenets and applied the finish. Only two of these trophies were made, the second was givien to Jordan's friend who has been with her every step of the way in taekwondo.


McDonalds drive-through. January 2005. created from Grandma Dorothy's empty TV and Washer cartons. It lasted for several years of play!

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