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Derek's Hunting History

Derek Completed Firearms safety training at the Delano Sportsmen's Club in April of 2011 and his firs hunt was for pheasant in a MN DNR sponsored youth mentored hunt program. He attended Forkhorn II camp at Baker Near Wilderness in July 2012 where he received his MN Archery certificate. His subsequent hunting experiences are recorded here.

Wing of Watertown - Bill McDonald Farm, December 6, 2015. Loren Entinger, Pete Steingas, Dad, Amber, Piper. 12 birds in field got 11, flushed 5 more. Fun Sunday afternoon


Muzzle loader November 28-29, 2015 - Mark Thompson's - Starbuck, MN Derek had one big Doe come by Saturday night but didn't like the distance. No other deer seen that weekend.

Grouse hunt at Mark's cabin - October 2015 - flushed a few, none in the bag though.

November 29, 2014 - Starbuck, MN Muzzleloader opener. Hunted at Thompson's, Derek was in the tower stand, Jordan on the east end stand. Friday night scouting trip bumped one buck and two nice does from the wood lot between the stands - Promising! Saturday AM, 15 minutes before shooting hours the buck appears 25 yds from Derek and then the deer walks down the hill towards Jordan. 10 minutes before shooting hours he moves back up the hill and manages to stay out of Derek's range before running off to the North. That afternoon the wind switches to the NW and the windchill gets pretty nasty. Pheasant hunters working the bottoms just west of us but they don't bump anything to us. Sunday temps in the single digits with strong winds so we slept in. Kyle and Dick hunt up neer Deer Creek without taking any deer also. Sunday AM Kyle braves the cold in Jordan's stand and gets a long shot off at the small buck but misses. Maybe next year!


November 15, 2014 - Ivanhoe, MN. Pheasant hunt with Tanner, Jada, and Dale. About 5" snow earlier in the week plus light snow falling on Saturday morning. Temps in the teens. Lots of birds - many just out of range. Group bags 5, Derek gets one on his own.


October 4, 2014 - Pheasant "practice hunt" with Loren and Olivia at Old McDonalds Farm near Watertown. Good pre grouse trip season workout for Amber.


Youth Mentored Duck Hunt - Youth Waterfowl Day with Jordan on September 13, 2014 at Morris, MN. Youth mentors Mitch Kill and his friend Taylor. Hunted from the cattails in a shallow slough just west of Morris. Lots of shooting, mostly passing shots at teal and woodies. Derek went through nearly 2 boxes of shells with the Browning A500 12 gauge. Total of 3 blue winged teal between the 2 kids.


New personal best trap shooting round 20/25 on Saturday September 6, 2014. DPIE / Delano Trap Team Trapshoot fundraiser at Park Sportsmen's Club. won trophy for best (non-trap team member) in 14 and under. Jake Bauer wins in 15 and over youth, Chad latvaaho in Adult with a round of 22/25.

Turkey Hunt 2014 - Second attempt at turkey since his 2013 hunt was aborted by too much snow! April 18-20 near Starbuck, MN. Hunted Kuehns (sp?) property just north of Starbuck. First morning had a Tom walk right up to the blind but Derek's shot was obstructed by a branch and the gobbler left before presenting a better shot. Day 2 tom gobbled and came in on call, got within visual range but spooked, possibly due to our new blind placement. day 3 gobbles in AM but couldn't get them near. Better luck next year!

Deer Hunting 2013 - First Year alone in stand / blinds. 11/30 - 12/1 on Thompson's land with Dad and Uncle Kyle, muzzleloader season. Third year ML hunting - still skunked. Saw a nice doe from the tower stand but decided not to take the shot, turned out to be his only chance for the weekend. Nice warm days highs around 33 lows 20.

First Turkey hunt - April 21-22, 2012. National Wild Turkey Federation and MN DNR Youth Mentored hunt near Lake Henry, MN with NWTF mentor Joe Pelzer. 12 gauge Remington pump w/extra full choke and fiber optic sights loaned from Uncle Kyle. Advanced Hunter turkey training at Baker Near Wilderness on 3/12/12. Set up the blind and spotted a few jakes friday night before the hunt, couldn't coax out a gobble response to the owl call at sunset though. 5:30 am in the blind, hunted in light rain through noon hearing several responses to calls, one was within 20 yards but would not come out of the woods. we then headed to the group lunch spot where we learned 3 birds were taken out of the 15 hunters so far. returned at 5:15 Sunday morning, looked overcast and occaisional drizzle. No opportunities. had to leave by 9am to get back in time for Jordan's First Communion. better luck next year!

Spring 2013 Turkey hunt - bought 1st season tag but weather ended up cold, windy with 4-6 inches of snow. Decided to try again next year!

Pheasant hunt with Tanner in the snow in Ivanhoe - December 2012



First Pheasants - MNDNR and Pheasants Forever Youth Mentored hunt. Saturday October 22, 2011 led by Dean Krebs, President of the Douglas County Pheasants Forever chapter and PF volunteers. Derek bags 2 pheasants of the six taken that afternoon using his new Mossberg youth model 20 gauge pump.

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