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D's baseball

Derek's Baseball - Began with T-ball and coach pitch in Loretto followed by Little league, DYBSA, MS and JV Baseball in Delano.

2018 - Delano Varsity - Coach Jeff Olson. Dissappointing finish to his High School baseball. Late season start due to the record snowy April and when playing finally began he spent most of the season on the bench. Played down to JV a few times in relief pitching and 3rd base to get some playing time. Olson did put him in for 2 innings on Senior night (vs. St James) in right field. One at bat which was a nicely placed shot to deep right center followed by a steal to 2nd. Easily beat the throw to 2nd but called out on the steal due to batter interference. Nonetheless he can say he batted 1000 and had a 100% OBP for his varsity baseball career...

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2017 - returned to baseball at Delano JV level. Coach Schramel. Pitching 2 innings every other game. New throwing form courtesy of his coaches and a consult with Kevin Tapani 

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2016 - rehab on elbow and shoulder at Tria and Orthopedic Specialist. Return to Throwing Program started in March 2016

Summer 2016 16U DYBSA - had to withdraw to give his arm time to heal and do rehab.

Spring 10th Grade baseball DHS - Head Coach Nate Petersen -

Spring / Summer 2015

Gopher State 15Ua - Coaches Steve Moe, Dad, Jason Griep, Brandon Moe - primary positions pitcher, SS, 2nd base.

Injured arm during spring school baseball, Blew throwing arm at the Mid-Summer Classic Tournament against Buffalo Purple on June 28. We placed third in tournament and qualified for State tournament of Champions but Derek will not pitch anymore this season.

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9th Grade baseball DHS - Coach Andrew Fredericksen. primary positions: pitcher, center field

Spring / Summer 2014

14U (Sandy Koufax) - 14UB2 Coach Travis Johnson, Tim Underhill, Andy Weinzerl. Had to pass on applying for travelling team due to upcoming Canada and Philmont trips during season. Primary assignments Pitcher and Shortstop. High point 6/23/14 vs. Orono pitched 1st - 3rd inning + 6th. 60 pitches total = 2 hits, 2 walks, zero runs for a 13-6 win. 5th inning made all 3 outs at Shortstop with 2 throws to 1st and one caught fly ball. As closer he sealed wins in 3 games in succession; vs Watertown on 6/22 in 11 pitches, vs. Orono in 13 pitches on 6/23, and on 6/24 vs. Waverly in 10 pitches.


8th grade baseball - coach Potter. variety of positions. pitching speed coming up.


Summer 2013

14U (Sandy Koufax) - Team 3 coached by Dave Eidahl, Pat Eichers, Brad Spencer. Mike Bauer, Tom Weiman. Finished season with a second place at Delano Tournament. 2nd Monday night championship game loss vs. Hutchinson. (Derek missed the year end tournament as he was away at the National Jamboree.

7th grade MS baseball - Coach Andy Brown - most of season unplayable due to late spring, flooded and frozen fields.

Summer 2012 12U (Pee Wee Reese) - DYBSA Coaches Derek Schansberg, Troy LaFramboise, Brad Spencer

Summer 2011 12U (Pee Wee Reese) - DYBSA Coach Kevin Voss

Summer 2010 10U (Willie Mays) -DYBSA DBACK'S

2009 - Loretto red - coach Bill Peterson


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