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Delano Trap team

Jordan joined the Delano Trap Team for the spring 2014 season. Shooting as a novice on the Monday team #4 she shoots at Delano Sportsmen's Club on Monday nights in April and May.

Monday night trap team 2014

practice #1  4/25, 12/25. wet muddy. hail and rain preceded the round!


practice #2 9/25, 12/25 after dark - shot at 8:10 and 8:50 pm

practice #3 11/25, 7/25 cold, windy. 8;30 and 9:10pm sessions

Competition #1 6/25, 10/25. windy. left XFull choke in from turkey hunting by mistake for first round (oops).

Competition #2 6/25, 11 /25. Windy, dark had to shoot late tuesday as Mon was jazz concert,

Competition #3                       tough night

Waverly Open tournament 5/10. tough outing 6/25, 5/25, 6/26 14/25. last round shot using Mark (Buffalo)   loaned 12 gauge. need totry different guns for fit and get some practice in. Got lots of advice though!

Buffalo - open practice 5/11. Took all our guns out to test. sjot 10/25 a,d 14/25 with Winchester pump 20, 14/25 with Benelli 12, 12/25 with Browning B-80 20ga. Better.

competition #4 10/25, 16/25 new best with the Winchester pump 20

Competition #5 11/25, 8/25 raining again, tough night.

State Tournament (novice) June 9, 2014 at Alexandria - set personal record in 3rd round 17/25


June 29, 2014 practice at Buffalo trap club with Dad and Derek. New personal best 18/25

September 7, 2013. DPIE Trapshoot fundraiser at Park Sportsmen Club. 90F sunny, no breeze. Jordan's first experience with trapshooting and with the exception of a couple rounds at Forkhorn and DSC her first experience shooting a shotgun. Joined by her friend Olivia Taylor she learns to shoot trap with the help of Perry White. Most of Jordan's rounds fired through Mossberg youth model 20ga. pump while Olivia used our Browning b-80 20 ga. semi-auto. Thinking they might shoot only 1 or 2 rounds of 25 targets we were all surprised when OT and Jordan asked to shoot their 3rd round and then yet another for a 100 shot first day!

1st 25 clays = 3 hits, second 25 = 5 hits, 3rd = 9 hits. Perry lent Jordan a customized 12 ga. trap gun for her 4th round and with his tutoring she shot an amazing 15 of the 25. 32 targets out of 100, not a bad first day of trapshooting for an almost 12 year old!

Perry White helps Jordan shoot 15 for 25 with his wifes custom 12 gauge over/under while Derek looks on (with a great deal of jealousy) .


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