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Webster - born 11/28/2016 at River Valley British kennels in LeSueur, MN. 


                                            First meeting - MLK Day , January 16, 2017. Brought home Friday January 20

Webster1_22_2017_0.jpg Websterstrainingkennel1_23_17_0.jpg  

                                8 weeks old                                                                              Temporary training home - January 2017

IMG_2347_0.jpg  webster032917_0.JPG webster042917_0.JPG 

                 10 weeks                                    4 months, expanded playpen in background                   5 months, now 40#, puppy teeth gone.

webster070317_0.JPG Finn_0.jpg

7/3/17 Webster and Amber                                                                               Webster's Dad

webster092817_0.jpg webster122217_0.jpg 

09/28/17 1st hunt                             12/22/17 "don't go to work today"




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